Who we are and what we do.

We started out as a loose group of enthusiasts and photographers with a shared interest in what goes on in the skies and on the seas of our region.

Recently however, we have come together in a much more organised fashion to form NEAMPR, which has been growing quickly in the last few months and now has over 50 members.

These are drawn from all walks of life, such as the RAF, Royal Navy, Maritime Coast Guard agency and police, and also includes RNLI volunteers, civilian pilots and seamen, as well as a number of professional and freelance photographers. Our aim is to use accurate, real-time information about aviation and marine activity to help us be in the right place at the right time to create photographs and videos that can be accessed by the media and public alike.

How we do it.

To ensure we never miss an opportunity for great photography and footage we obtain our information from a variety of different sources, such as the internet, press releases and public domain intelligence. In terms of aviation, however, we also have our own network of ADS-B feeds which connect to our server and provide us with real-time flight information and location.

This data is also fed into a number of aviation websites that provide information worldwide, such as FlightRadar24 and adsbexchange, For marine activity we also have AIS receivers feeding data to MarineTraffic for ship movements in real time.

How we operate.

As part of our information gathering, NEAMPR provides members with details of all flights and ships logged each week to authenticate and accurately identify the content of any photographs, and we circulate advance information relating to upcoming events and public displays.

We also encourage our members to support local charities by covering as many events as possible.

We also follow a strict confidentiality policy, the details of which are available on request. This ensures against the disclosure of private or inaccurate information, or worse, fatalities being broadcast through unauthorised media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.


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